Sunday, August 30, 2009

Appu Ghar (gaye tum kidhar?)

Appu Ghar! Ah! That name brings some smiles! It'll always will. Appu Ghar was such a cool part of our childhood (mostly Delhiites). It always remained an exciting prospect... always!

It's sad that Appu Ghar had to be closed down.

Anyways. I was missing Appu Ghar today... so I decided to publish a poem that I wrote more than 11 years ago (in class 8). It's about my erstwhile favorite ride at Appu Ghar, The Appu Columbus.
I bought a ticket for rupees ten,
For the ride I enjoyed the most,
It was the ride of Appu Columbus,
And if I tell the truth, you’ll say I boast,

After waiting for some time, when my chance came,
The ticket checker checked my ticket, and asked my name,
I said Kshitij and jumped on to the seat,
Then I was asked to belt my feet,

When the Columbus came into motion,
I became happy, with lots of emotion,
All the people were happy, they loved the swing,
And from their faces, it looked like they wanted to sing,

When the swing went down on its way,
I thought I was on a ship, travelling in a bay,
And when the swing went up in the sky,
I thought my heart was escaping, saying bye bye,

And when the swing came to rest,
I said to myself, that ride was the best,
I bought another ticket for rupees ten,
And decided to ride the Columbus again.

Kshitij – 1998
PS: Now I'm wondering why did that ticket checker ask my name. Any thoughts?


  1. Hey, that is such a cute poem... even at that age you wrote better than a lot of adults whose work I've had to review! ;-)

  2. 1.The poem was sweet.

    2.May be he asked your name coz you looked so naughty.Before you ask why i called you naughty i'll tell you myself. its because of your display pic and the comment you left on my post.


  3. @ both - Thank you Rishi and Shilpa.

    Shilpa ji, the comment I left was a fact... and not naughty! Your Chamku category was separate :)

    Thanks for visiting Rihi.

  4. All right Kshitij Ji.

  5. Hi buddy................If u r really missing The Appu Ghar then u dont need to worry because now Appu Ghar is located in Noida and Rohini with the name Worlds Of Wonder And Adventure land. Appu Ghar and Unitech joint venture International Recreational Parks Pvt Ltd made this place.
    for more info -

  6. Hey Anonymouse buddy - yes, I am aware of the great India and Rohini wala Appu Ghar...

    But Appu Ghar toh Apu Ghar tha na?

    But I want to thank you for reminding me of the other similar options available. Vaise, PSST: That was just a poem... I dont miss Appu Ghar in reality...shhhhhh... that's a secret!


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