Thursday, August 27, 2009

Annoying Meeee... So Easilyyyy

Hey. This time, I am going to talk about some things that annoy me. There are these things that I really do not understand. Some observations on my fellow Indians:

  • Showing so much love for the movie Sholay - O hell! Go to Orkut and import the fav movies data. Sholay will figure in every 3rd Indian's profile. I mean... what the $%&&$? See, the movie was nice... but did it really deserve this much? I know some Sholay fans are going to throw stones at me. However, take it this way - I had to create a blog, posts some 12 articles in order to get an audience... and finally... when I had some readers... I wanted to say, Sholay isn't that big a deal. There are so many better movies around. Go find them. Get rid of this vox populi.

  • Sounding 'asleep' on phone when someone wakes you up - Tring tring, heeeelllollloowwwww! You recognise that? That's a person who's doing his best to sound asleep. We do it all the time. Somone calls up early in the morning, and we drag eeeeeach and eeevvvveeerrrryyyy word to the core. Moreover, the deplorable tone we support it with... is disgusting. It's all fake. We could easily sound close-to-normal even a second after being awoken. We just don't make the effort.

  • Making the person on other end listen to your conversations with people around you - I can't tell you how much I hate it. You call a friend and start a conversation. Suddenly, this friend needs to talk to a person around him/her. So, basically, your friend needs to talk to someone about something that you shouldn't know, right? But, what does your friend do? He/she does best to let you know of everything that's going on. And how, by not moving the receiver away from his/her mouth... and it's like he/she is still talking to us. I ask why? Why should I hear that stuff? I don't want it in my life.

  • Watching 'Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi episode', where Mihir died + Uphaar Border Show - Now, how is it possible that everybody watched that episode? You ask anyone and he/she watched it. What crap. This crap has an equivalence to another crap - People claim they were in the Uphaar Cinema watching Border just before the tragedy occurred. Some even say their show was next. How is it possible that everybody had some sort of connection with it? Really! Those who don't claim tickets... will say, Yaar, hum vahi jaane ka soch rahe the. Achcha hua PVR chale gaye. God is great. And you are a great loser!

  • Cutting cake on birthday - O come on! I know it is nice to do so... but why make it indispensable? Why can't a birthday (especially adults) be marked complete without the act of stabbing a birthday cake? I know you guys must be thinking what a lone life loser I am... but that's that! I like the idea of cakes... but they should not be undispensable. Although, I admit, cakes do serve a good purpose—can't think of a gift? Go to the bakery!

  • Asking about the honeymoon destination - Do you want to accompany them? You want to be IN the action? Why the hell you keep asking where the couple's going for the honeymoon? Will you not attend the marriage if it turns out to be a sad choice of place? Is that the only thing you want to know? Are you crazy?

  • Wanting to learn to play guitar - Of the sum total learners, 90% learn just to show off. They don't want to make music—they just want to go to Barrista and play. A party will also do. Just learn two or three Hindi/English songs and you're there! What's the big deal in guitar?

  • Showing a hatred for emotional movies (males only) - Come on! Everyone of us watches nice senti movies. We even cry. What's so non manly about admitting it? Why hate Sharukh so much (he's my fav)? Be a man! Admit it! Noone will doubt your manliness if you're heard of talking about these movies.

That was my take. There must be more... but I penned some of the ones that came to my immediate mind.


  1. hi mr. dusht,

    Except the first point and the fifth one, i agree with you on all counts.
    Sholay is definitely THE movie. I just watched it last week again and i admired the way it is made. Think from the artistic perspective. it's got a perfect screenplay, dialogues (every word spoken has its weight in gold), a great way of storytelling, every scene is blended seamlessly and never seems out of the whole. Besides, some brilliant acting by each character. Sholay is a chef d'ouvre and being an amateur photographer, I admire it's photography. It is an artwork and students of cinema can learn a lot by just watching this movie. It may sound cliche, but I can watch it again..and again.

    Cutting cake on b'day - thats natural. why getting so hyper on such a normal way of celebration. It's's symbolic also. And aren't cakes meant to be cut on b'days? It's like your mom making gujhiyas in don't ask why every household makes only ghujiyas in holi. :)

    Just want to my take on one issue. In bbay ppl have strong stereotypes. And one of them is that pink is a girlish colour. So it's a blasphemy if a guy wears a pink shirt or uses a pink umbrella. They would say "tu ladki hai kya". I think a pink shirt looks cool, specially on a white trouser. And i never heard of such a stereotype in delhi. Pata nai bbay walon ko pink se kya problem hai..And even if pink is a girlish color..whats the harm? Aren't we boys always after girls? Tab to girlish nahi kahte..strange stereotypes.

  2. :) I take your point. Time to confess I got carried away. lol.

    Vaise, pink is cool. In delhi, we are pass the pink thing... lots of guys wear it now.

  3. Thank god, there is another person who feels the same way I do about cutting b'day cakes!

    It was a hilarious read, but a very sensible post. I enjoyed it all lot.

  4. "Kshitij shakes hands with Iniyaazh"

  5. sholay is overrated.. and antiquated. it made sense then but not now.. now its just one star better than Ram Gopal verma ki Aag.

    I don't mind any tele probs coz i'm not a avid user... i would rather be unreachable every time

    y cry abt saas bhi serials and then complain abt males hating emo scenes. lot of rebels do exist, they are called husbands.

    nobody cares it's someones birthday.. all we care is we get to eat some cakes... just by singing a lame prehistoric song. I did make a new version some time before.. hope it catches on.

    honeymoon destination is something i'm not yet insync with.. skipping it

    and yeah..ppl ususally wanna show off their guitar skills... nothing to hate abt.. some want to show off their writing skills, they write blogs... some gals wanna show off their bodies (lucky us) they wear fitting clothes...

    but what gets me is such pretentious idiots teaching others... which eventually leads to talentless string bangers... that's y i stopped going to classes jst after a month...

    and i think the big deal with a guitar is that ppl think it difficult to even play simple tunes (which is not) and everyone can't learn (which is not). to be a good guitarist you will need 5 yrs min.. but to be a pretentious idiot... all u need it 6 hrs...

  6. Haha, loved reading this. Keep writing in man! :) Cheers

  7. nice take .. i loved the guitar and phone points! .. to be honest, i do them too ;) .. disagree on Sholay though :D

  8. Dats ok. I knew about the disagreements from the point I clicked Publish.


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