Sunday, April 1, 2012

That Last Night

Hello! My name is Mister Teeju,
And my age is fifty plus two,
Happy life I have... says who?
Let me tell you what is true,

My wife’s name is Miss Tippani,
Pretty woman, soft voice, said many,
She’s a lovely housewife, unlike any,
Even though we don’t have enough money,

But the problem… is not really her,
Instead… it’s our damn daughter,

Daughter’s name is Girja,
She is like a lady ninja,

She is 24 years old,
Rude, and very very cold,

Since we survived under financial restriction,
Between us there was a lot of friction,

Ok! So, what happened that last night?
Well, Girja and I had another fight,
And, as usual, I was always right,
But she kept shouting at me inspite,

We had gone together to drop her mom to a train station,
On the way back, Girja asked money for makeup and foundation,
What the hell, I thought… and I said no, in frustration,
She yelled at me; it felt like attending my own cremation,

I shouted back at her, “You rude girl,”
“Just for money, such abuses you hurl?”

“I will not give you anything till you behave,”
“I am your father, and some respect I crave,”

Girja said, "Ha ha ha ha, you a father?”
"You are a miser, live without you I rather"

I got shocked… and shouted, "Okay, I will die",
And she laughed again, seeing me almost cry,
We reached home, and I decided something I had to try,
So, I reached for the rope, it was time to tie,

I decided to commit suicide by hanging myself from the fan,
Not serious, all drama, that's the best I can,
To make Girja realize that she needs to respect the old man,
I came up with a farcical suiciding plan,

I thought… seeing me trying to hang myself, she will hate,
And just when I’m about to, she will shout, “Hey, wait”,

So, I made all arrangements, the fan, the stool, and the rope,
I had to act well, well enough to look someone without any hope,

And when I was ready, I shouted her name,
I knew that now on, things won't be the same,

She entered my room with her usual attitude,
And saw me standing at some altitude,
A rope around my neck, my escape from the feud,
Her expressions changed, she no more looked rude,

She shouted “WAITTTTT”, looked like she really meant,
And trying to look serious, a listening ear I lent,
On my table were a pen and a notepad, toward them she went,
And asked me loudly, “What's the number for our insurance agent?”

I could not control myself; this was not at all fun,
And I shouted… 9-8-7-3-2, five triple one,

She did not write anything, threw the pen and the notepad,
And I thought she finally realized the worth of her dad,

Then, she rushed toward me like an emotional fool,
But when she reached… she kicked the stool.


This post had been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 26; the 26th Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. The topic for the month was 'That Last Night'.

There were 27 entries...
...and with 6 votes, I ranked second in the competition. :)

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