Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Mystery

A recent piece of news had made it to the headlines. It was about a court case that was to be contested very soon. The defendant (a shop owner) was being accused of physical, psychological, and sexual molestation on one of his staff members. Surprisingly, he claimed that he had never hired a staff member in his life.
...and that's why they called it the 'mystery' case!

Let's look at what happened in the courtroom!

'Order, order', said the judge,
He was fair, without any grudge,

'Next case please', he loudly announced,
'Staff vs. Shop Owner', someone pronounced,

There were murmurs; people paid attention,
The case was big; one could feel the tension,

It was a mysterious case, everybody knew,
And everybody was interested, not just few,

Walked in the lawyers, black coats they wore,
They charged big money, pockets they tore,

Anyways, the proceedings began, people were quiet,
While the judge prayed for a smooth sail, and not a riot,

One of the lawyers rose and walked toward the middle,
He claimed this case was simple, and not a riddle,

He said, 'my lord, my client is aggrieved',
'She worked at the shop, your help we need', 

'She has been tortured, a torture that's rare',
'By the shop owner, the man who sits there',

'She cries day and night, hungry she stays',
'For the shop owner's deeds, she quietly pays',
'What did he do to your client', asked the judge slowly,
'My lord, he's a terrible guy, his class is lowly'.

'Please be specific, don't go round and round',
'I want to know what he did, with your next sound',

'He's a monster, I promise I will easily prove',
'And once I finish, a death sentence you'll approve',

'Please begin now', the judge pointed a finger,
'And I dare you now... do not try to linger',

The lawyer pointed at the defendant and said, 'this man',
'Has done to my client... what only a pervert can',

'He stripped her every night, not once did he fail',
'O lord, just get him executed, don't send him to jail',

'He'd see her naked, and smile once or twice',
'O lord, you tell me, do you find that nice?'

'He'd dress her later, after some time',
'And mind you, that's not his only crime',

'He'd make her work nonstop, without giving a break',
'Lord, please to be hanging him till death, for god's sake',

'And to top everything, he did not give her any money',
'These are some serious issues, nothing so funny',
The people in the court felt bad for the girl,
Abuses at the shop owner, they started to hurl,

'You fucking asshole... you piece of shit',
'You should be thrown into a dark pit',

'Quiet, quiet', the judge ordered everyone,
This courtroom had become anything but fun,

'Call the shop owner, we will listen from him',
'If he's done all this, his survival will be grim',

The shop owner rose, and smiled ear to ear,
He knew pretty well; his time to speak was near,


He said, 'my lord, this is complete crap',
'Someone has worked hard to put this trap',

'This case is nonsense, this hearing is absurd',
'And you are listening to them, you must be a nerd',

The judge got angry... and said, 'careful mister',
'The crimes we are talking about are pretty sinister',

The owner started laughing loudly, 'haha hehe',
'O lord, I swear, nothing wrong's been done by me',

'I have never ever hired anyone, not since an eternity',
'And if you don't believe me, ask my shopkeeper fraternity',

At that point, all the local shopkeepers rose and said...

We stand by him, his words we confirm,
He is innocent, he deserves no term,

He's been a one-man army, and we are quite sure,
The allegations against him don't seem to be pure,

The judge got annoyed; he said, 'what the hell?'
'Something's really fishy here, I can easily smell',

'I think I know what's happening', said the defendant,
The judge looked in his direction, a listening ear he lent,

'But before you say anything, I warn you not to give me any mystery',
'Better tell me the facts and facts alone, else you'll be a part of history',

'Yes my lord, I have indeed done all this',
'But there's something crucial you shouldn't miss',

'There you go, so you confess to your crime',
'To gallows you go now, to serve your time',

'Wait a minute my lord, there's more that you should know',
'Something so crucial that it should reduce my term to zero',

'You are a sinner, for the things you have done',
'Now what could possibly save you, you demon?'
The guy looked at the judge... and said.....

'My lord, whatever I have done, how can it be a sin?'
'When it was being done to my shop's only mannequin'


This post had been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 17; the seventeenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers. Although I was expecting the post to do very well, it fetched me just 4 votes ;p

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