Sunday, October 6, 2013

Will It Ever Stop?


There’s just no stopping,
To my wife’s shopping,

Week after week, mall after mall,
Store after store, stall after stall,

Existing, fresh, or in sale,
You can’t stop this female,

DT, Ambience, TGIP… or Select City Walk,
Be it a market, a nagar… or simply a chowk,

Vero Moda, Only, Kazo, Marks & Spencer,
Bhagwaan ke liye, please ab toh bas kar!!!

“When will this stop”, I ask my room’s wall,
Suddenly I hear, “Honey, let’s go to the mall”

We enter the store, and she smells the outlet,
She picks a top and matches it with a bracelet,

“Kaisa lag raha hai, batao?” she will look at me,
While I try hard to figure…what I need to see,

“Ok-Ok”, I say this useless thing,
She removes the bracelet and tries a ring,

And then a pendant, and then an earring,
And then a blah blah, and then something,


One fine day, when I thought it was enough,
I mustered the courage to do something tough,

I said, “No need to shop like this, you crazy woman”
“Don’t behave like a maniac, behave like a human”

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about money,”
“But it’s the time to stop all this… honey,”

She shouted “OK”, and then came near,
And said, “You don’t get to drink any beer,”

“And forget about playing cricket, that’s all history,”
“Why can’t you play, tell your friends… it’s mystery,”

“You’ll come home from office, sharp at four”
“Not a minute less and not even a minute more”

 “No more chicken-mutton, no more prawn-fish”
“Pure vegetarian food--that should be your only wish”

“Forget all your friends, they’re all bad company”
“Spend all your time at home, with family and me”


I exit the room with my phone, pretending there’s a call,
I come back in a minute, and say, “Honey, let’s go to the mall”.


 While driving, I feel bad. I was so wrong in asking her to stop! So, I say:

“Darling, these little arguments add to our life... the color,”
“Don’t you think without them it’s going to be so much duller?”

…and she’s happy! And I’m happy.

While I continue driving, thinking how I've made the amends,
And how close I’d come to losing my cricket, beer, and friends.


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