Friday, November 9, 2012

Microsoft Mouse

I recently acquired a cool Microsoft Mouse.

I say acquired because my office paid for it. It's a nice wireless mouse that works on rough surfaces as well.

And this post is not promoting the mouse device. Instead, I want to divert your attention to the 'Hindi' translation for the user instructions printed on the pack. Take a look:

Well, well well! Kya chakkar hai bhai?

Do the instructions take your mind elsewhere?

Sunday, November 4, 2012


It’s was my friend’s birthday, two days ago,
He invited me to the party, how could I say no?
Free beer, free food, free everything, ho ho ho,
“I would drink and drink, non-stop till I throw”

It was a happening pub, the time was eight,
I got ready in time; I didn't want to be late,
How could I make, the ‘free’ stuff wait?
So I entered, and headed to the table straight,

I said my hi hellos quickly, and looked at the menu,
“Vodka shots for me; and some fish fingers too,”
And my same old journey began, but it looked so new,
The only breaks in journey, were the visits to the loo,

After a few rounds of vodka, then came the beer,
I cared only for my glass, not for the people near,
And so I kept sinking low in my high, nothing to fear,
Nor did I care for the car, which I was supposed to steer,

I was getting disoriented, but I did not stop,
When everything’s free, who wants to drop?
And I continued my way, mutton chop after chop,
With my beer mug getting filled, top after top,

Pretty soon I lost my senses, all of them I guess,
I was not a human any more, just a stupid mess,
I wanted to care more, but I couldn't care less,
Instead of a friend to my friends, I became a stress,

They dropped me home, god knows how,
As I kept puking everywhere, like shit I feel now,
My stomach’s been crappy; it’s the time to take the vow,
“Oh god! Please forgive me, in front of you I bow”

Never again, never again… never never again,
Neither free, nor paid, not even in bargain,
Will not abuse my body, will not subject it to pain,
And if I ever do it again, I deserve to be in a drain!

But… I think sometimes I would want to make an exception,
Maybe at a friend’s marriage… or even the reception?

This post was written by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton. It fetched me 3 votes :) 

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