Friday, July 31, 2009

The Proverbial Quiz

Hello namaste. It is finally time! Time to check how proverbial you are. I throw a quiz at you today. It is a picture quiz. There are 12 pics in this post. These aren't lovely pics as such... but just a hand-drawn assemblage. Each of them is the literal representation of a proverb (English). You need to find out which proverb.
The difficulty level (which obviously gets increased because of my naivety in MSPAINT) for each pic ranges from 1-5... 5 is is the toughest and 1 is the easiest. Let's start.
1. Level 1

2. Level 1

3. Level 2

4. Level 4

5. Level 5 (actually the toughest in here)

6. Level 4

7. Level 5

8. Level 1

9. Level 2

10. Level 4

11. Level 2

12. Level 2


So... How did you do? Please forgive the poor quality pics.


  1. Oh dear... I'm not good at this at all. Here are my guesses, some good, some definitely a shot in the dark:

    1. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush
    2. ?
    3. Your money or your car?
    4. From the frying pan into the fire
    5. ?
    6. Blood flowing like water (?)
    7. ?
    8. Crying over spilt milk
    9. Every dog has its day
    10. Every cloud has a silver lining
    11. ?
    12. This is where the buck stops

  2. A good job Maddy. However, you got 3 & 6 incorrect. Rest are correct. :)

  3. O man..that's really difficult..not my cup of tea...i couldn't guess even a single one..and the reason is obv. not the quality of the pics..but my not gud at all..

  4. Lemme try....

    2: Home is where the heart is.
    5. Child is the father of man.
    6. Blood is thicker than water.
    11. Charity begins at home.

    No clue about the 7th one...

  5. Ah! Dats ok Jamu. I still like you :)

  6. Shweta... Good jaab... You got three of them correct... number 5 is wrong.

    So, in all:
    3, 5, 7 are left!

  7. No. 3 is "Beggers can't be choosers"

  8. wow... that's called making it public... lol.. dat's correct.

    Leaves us with 5 and 7.

  9. Give us some clues, Kshitij!

  10. Alright! Clue Time!

    5 - Clue a - Concentrate only on the boy. He looks ____ but he is actually _____ .
    clue b - This proverb has got something in common with a common brand of something you apply on your hair.

    7 - only clue - It has got something to do with the color of their clothes. Notice their mouth expressions please.

  11. ok. Let's end this post. The answers are:

    5 - Have an old head on young shoulders. This refers to youngsters who possess qualities of wisdom one would only expect to find in experienced older people.

    7 - Speech is silver, silence is golden. This means talk may be beneficial, but sometimes acquiescence may be the best option to take.

    Thanks. I hope you enjoyed the post.

  12. Oh, wow. Those are obscure ones, though I had heard of them. Well done, Kshitij!

    And yes, I enjoyed this a lot. May we have some more interesting quizzes? ;-)

  13. Thank you Maddy. I will surely put more quizzes... if that makes my readers happy :)


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