Sunday, July 26, 2009

Screwed Mathematically

I hadn't done anything that qualified me for a 20 kg hike in two years. I did not know what happened. People met me and instead of asking me how I was... they asked how I had become what I was. Life sucked. I had to find answers. How did I reach 100 kgs from 80 kgs?

Somewhere in my heart, I knew I had been wronged. Some germs of obesity had missed their target. But, why me?

Then, it struck me that I could utilize that one wish I had been given by god. PS: I had been nice enough to few people so god granted me a raincheck on one wish.

I said, 'God, this is my wish - I want to know how in the hell did I gain so much?'

The god said (in a godly voice of course), 'I can prove it mathematically and pictorially'. I knew there was nothing that could be proved. I still said, 'do it'.

This is exactly what god showed me:





over and over and over and over and over again... is always equal to:

God said, 'that was simple; wasn't it?'. He also gave me this pic to put on my blog:

Now I'm thinking, what a fool have I made of myself! Instead of asking god to explain me all this, why couldn't I simply ask for an automatic reduction of those 20 kgs?
Damn! I concentrated only on cribbing... and forgot the situation could easily be resolved.


  1. Ah, NIIT does this to people. Have you forgotten Webex and anda parathas? ;-)

  2. yah... there are other NIIT combos as well... including bajaj uncle's hand-fried crispy chowmein :)

    Didnt have the pics :(

  3. And the greasy bread pakoras in that dhaba opposite! ;-)

  4. LOL! You wasted almighty's time!

  5. Hey!!
    I completely empathise with you. BTW, what are u doing to reduce the 20Kgs? I am facing my demons here. I feel like a cow chewing cud each time I eat disgusting salad. But I force myself to eat anyway.


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