Thursday, December 8, 2011

Expressions Depressions

I have a problem.

I watch a lot of movies in theaters. But that is of course not the problem.

The problem is - I don’t know what face to put while coming out of the movie hall. I have tabulated my situations below:

I Found the Movie
Thoughts that Were Going on in My Head
Expression on My Face
I liked the movie. But what if others didn’t?

If I smile and move around, will people think I am below average intelligence?

…and so much below that I ended up liking something like that?

Shit – I don’t have to make a fool of myself being happy about watching something others may not have liked.
Stupid + Giggling

(Balancing my happiness about watching the movie with the intention to not look like a fool to have liked the movie no one else did.)
The movie was ok-ok. Just about a one-time watch maybe.

But… If I show happiness, half of the people will find me crazy…

…and If I show sadness, the other half may develop perceptions. I don’t want either.

I could try keeping a normal face.
Stupid + Trying to put a poker face

(Pretending to be normal after watching a normal movie… when in reality I feel just as normal I am trying to pretend to be. So, the pretending part makes me look stupid now.)
The movie was shit. I am sure all of us realize that we have been fooled.

Now where do we go from here?

And how do we face each other?

What reaction to give? What expression to carry on face?

 Smiling like ‘oops-I-too-got-fooled-watching-this-piece-of-shit-movie’ would amount to absolute stupidity.

Better to keep the head lowered and walk off. Do not make eye contact with anyone—not even your partner.
Absolutely Stupid

(Scared of making eye contact with people… just trying to find the way out of the hall with head lowered and eyes on the ground.)

 BUT Liked by Others

(and I know that by the laughter and the overall atmosphere)
Why were they laughing throughout the movie?

Why do they seem so happy?

Did I miss something? Why am I not on the same page?

Not again… I am out of place!

(Because I am trying to look cool and gel into the crowd… when I feel like a fool to have watched something like that.)

So, no matter how good, bad, or average a movie I watch, I come out of the hall looking like a stupid

And that’s my problem.

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