Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Total Atyachaar

It was a weekend... and somewhere into the mid of the second month after marriage.

Dheet, the husband, was enjoying his videogame while his wife Rondi was hanging clothes outside to dry in the Sun. And:

The very next day:

And the next day:

Rondi seems to have had enough. She is hellbent now. And... the next day:

Dheet is tired of seeing her cry. So, he decides he'll get up and do it the moment she asks him. He won't make her say it so many times. And so, the next day:

He's sick of this thing now. So, he just does it the next day without her needing to remind him. And then:

God! This has become tough for Dheet now. No matter what he does, Rondi keeps crying. He decides he'll give another go. He will do it properly this time. And so:

WTF!!! ^$%$&*@#&*@

Dheet is pissed off now. He is doing everything... and still, he's been made to feel guilty. The next day, he decides to do the damn thing again... and not talk about it. 

He does as planned. Rondi sees this... and:
...and no, am not speaking from personal experience
...biwi maaregi


  1. Dheet was Dheet only till the mid of the post but rondi remained rondi all the way :P

  2. yea man ;p like always.

    are you playing any other league? cricinfo waali toh band hai :(

  3. super selector is always there for the rescue, but IPL is still far far away!!!

  4. ha ha ha .. there must be a lot more incidents like this .. keep'em coming .. important lessons, they are :)

  5. @ Skywalker - IPL's far away man :) Let's wait. We even have the t20 world cup this time.

    @ Vinay - Incidents are multiple... but need some courage dude.


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