Sunday, April 3, 2011

Best Day

...and that's how I looked on the best day of my life
...2nd April'11, when we won the world cup!


  1. I knew I had to check ur blog... I wanted to see if u had posted anything on the best day of ur life. I was right - :) - resham

  2. Wow...u looked awesome...
    Happy is too small a word to describe what you felt that day..
    I know one of the best days of ur life...don't forget about my gift..i am yet to take it from you :P

  3. Hi
    You have been 'spotted!' here:

  4. @ Resham - Yo. You got it right.

    @ Shilpa - :) :)

    @ Jam - Yo. You're right.

    @ IndianTopBlogs - That's nice. God knows who did that, by the way :)

    @ Pal - Thank you thank you thank you.

  5. Oh man! It's been a year already :)

    1. Yeah..time flies :)
      What a moment it was...

    2. yeah... and now you are here, too. time flown.


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