Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Of course I was busy:



                                   & Honeymooning...

...and am back to the blog now!


  1. congratulationsssssss. brown gud :o

  2. haha :) koi na, suit toh tha.
    Thanku nevertheless.

  3. Congrats Kshitij for your marriage....
    waiting for some hilarious posts from your side since long....

    i was wondering are you the same kshitij who plays by alias "ASUR KE SASUR" in cricinfo fantasy cricket?

  4. lol... yes I'm the same one Mr. OOBthinking :)

    So... the world is indeed small?

  5. yeah!!! i have been following your blog since last year...a real anti-depressant...

  6. :) Welcome back! \m/

  7. Cartoooon! :) - Resham

  8. congrats dost :) many hearty wishes to the couple

  9. @ Mukul - thanks Mukul buddy. Now we are friends in 2 ways :)

    @ Shilpa - Thanku ji.

    @ Resh - Poda

    @ Vin - thank you so much bud.

  10. yeah.... :)
    do visit my blog too...i do scribble a little...:)

    there was another photo blog mitti-ka-sher, i don't remember the exact URL, but i think i got there from this blog, has that been deleted or has restricted access??seems I don't have access to it anymore..

  11. @ Mukul - I think I visited your blog when you followed this one. But I dont remember - it was long time ago. Will come back now.

    And finally someone gives 2 cents ka bhaav to mitti-ka-sher. That's my photo blog. It still exists... did not use to get many visitors so i closed public access.. it's a photo blog. :)

  12. Hi
    Congratulations! The Directory of Best Indian Blogs is out and your nice blog figures in that. We thought, let's announce that to you.
    Since all blogs do not have emails clearly mentioned, we have taken the liberty of telling you of this by making a comment on your latest blogpost. Hope, you don't mind it.
    Happy blogging!

    ITB team

  13. So you are figuring in Best Indian Blogs, :) main na kehti thi bahut aage jaoge naujawan. :D congrats. :)

  14. what man .. marriage has made you divorce your pen?

  15. @ ITB - Wow :) That's damn nice I say.

    @ Shilpa - haha.. zaroor zaroor. :)

    @ Vin - Would you believe I have thought and thought... but couldnt produce a story. my wife says I am badnaaming her by not writing after shaadi. ;p

  16. awww....shooo cute....

    Congrats :)


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