Saturday, October 2, 2010

Diggers and Buggers

It was just two days ago that a site in the outskirts of the Lallupanju village gained historical importance. This village is in UP, some 30 km from Noida.

So, what happened there?

Well, a couple of days ago, an excavation was carried out. The officers of the DFOS (Digging and Finding Old Structures) had some information that the site bore historical bearings on kings and kingdoms and what nots.

The excavation and digging-up continued for half a day and nothing was found... but a photograph. Now, if you are an Indian who watches tv, you must have seen this photograph all over the news channels... and we're sure you must be sick of looking at it by now.

Let's take a look at the picture first.
Notice the different aspects before we talk further.

It looks like a deserted railway station... and one that you'd base your horror stories on.

So, where is this place? What about it?

Since yesterday, all news channels have been showing the story throughout the day. It's just everywhere... and all of them are showing inconsistent views.

Let's look at what we're facing:

-Channel 'No-Laaj Tak' has been showing the photograph in the 'breaking news' section. It claims that the Lallupanju village was once a railway station. Then, there was a huge storm and everything was annihilated. 'In fact, the remains of the station could be found several kms deep inside the land', is how they conclude.

-Channel 'Andy Biwi' claims this was a house that belonged to King Davai Maan Singh. They continue, 'the king was pretty lazy to travel in cars and got a railway track made right outside his house'. They also claim the photograph is from 800 years ago, and surprisingly, even before the railways and cars and digital photography got invented.

-Channel 'Makkaar Plus' is confident this proves that primitive Indians were cleanliness freaks. The channel has been continuously making red circles around the blue dustbin and claiming how clean the station was being kept. Surprisingly, they don't have a version on the existence of the station itself... at least, yet.

-Channel 'No-Idea TV' has, like their usual stories, one of the absurdest versions around. The channel is claiming that the gods of Lallupanju village have been facing difficulties travelling around... and interestingly, they want a railway station built here. The photograph is a signal they have sent to humans.

The whole nation is beaming around the different versions, trying to add pieces together, and make some sense out of it. People are seemingly split with their loyalties to different channels and their versions.

Caught in this brouhaha, we decided to interview the minister of state Sataya-wati. She has expressed happiness on this historical event and ordered for her statues to be built on ground zero. People of the country are yet to react to that.

So... finally... we reached outside the office of the executives who were working on that 'digging up'. We wanted to understand what they think about it all.

Our conversation with the senior officer lasted... a minute.

We asked him what the photograph conveyed. He stood silent for some time. Then, he answered, 'it was only a post card... they just didn't bother to shoot the back side of it'.

This post was published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 15, the fifteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers. The topic for the edition was the image that you see above.

The post did not fetch even a single vote; hahaha :)


  1. A nice satire on the media. A unique take on the prompt picture.
    All the Best for BAT -15, Kshitij.

  2. Hmmmm...just a postcard...:)

    And your rendition of the picture prompt went like something on National Geographic Channel or Discovery Channel on is very interesting, yes! You can be a very effective anchor... :)

    All the best...Kshitij! :)

  3. A different perspective...Nice

  4. LOL.
    That's good. The overall idea is similar to one of the other posts I read but nevertheless the content is awesome.

    Good luck with the contest bro :)

  5. The picture described from so many angles with a touch of humor. An innovative idea and well projected. All the best.

  6. Peepli Live revisited !
    And with a lot more spunk !!
    Great take on the picture and such a welcome relief from the usual element of "spook" that this picture seems to have spawned!

  7. For real, Dusht ka drishtikone! Fabulous concoction! I'm forwarding the link to this post to a few friends, hope you don't mind.

  8. hehe... i like the choice of words! 'lallupanju village' lol.....and its even better that it doesnt go on and on. smart writing :-)

  9. @ Rumya - Thank you so much. Satire it was :)
    @ Amity - Anchor? Hahahehehoho. I wouldnt open my mouth bud.
    @ Lost - thanks. I am yet to read your post this round.
    @ Mudassir - Thank you. And am searching for the post with similar idea :) Dekhe zara kaunsa hai.
    @ Cherry - Yes, thank you. This makes me feel I am just thanking everybody.. might as well write one thank you all.
    @ Brijender - Yes! 'Change' is the word. Initially, I thought on spooky lines as well.. but later retracted to my usual humor. AM glad you like it Brijender.
    @ Sidra - Neki aur pooch pooch? Ek blogger ko isse zyada kya chahiye :) Thank you Sidra.
    @ Sadiya - Ok. So, you are happy it was a short post. We have so many long ones in this round. I totally agree.
    @ Srikanth - interesting comment


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