Sunday, October 24, 2010

Damn Phool

Straight to the point!

What is the stupidest thing you have ever done? When do you think were you at your foolest best?

The question brings an incident to my mind. Something from my past. I was in class 6th or thereabouts. There was something I did on one fateful day; it still embarasses me. Just look at me - am getting embarassed while writing this... this... and even this...

So! I wanted to switch the light off  before leaving the room. The moment I was going to do it, a thought struck me. Now, not more but a moment later, I wanted to do it without touching the switch. Fair enough, I say.

So, I removed my chappals and aimed at the switch from a couple of meters. I am not sure about the number of attempts it took, but it was done real quick. The switch was switched off.

You think that could be the stupidest thing I've done? Read on.

The success did not satisfy me. I switched it on again. Next, I wanted to do it without using my hands. Can you guess what followed?

How do I say it? But I'll have to now that I have started it... I sipped a mouthful of water and proceeded toward the switch. Na na, don't get scared yet.

I did what I intended to. The switch was successfully 'OFF'ed again. I had aimed the stream of water at the switch perfectly. To be honest, even today, I am not sure how and why I did not get an electric shock. Not sure of the science that works there.

But, you think that was it? Stupidest of me? Read on.

Apparently, I was still not satisfied. I wanted to do something more with that switch. Supposedly, I wanted to be more imaginative in finding ways for switching it off. And so...

My index finger motioned toward the switch to ON it again, and... within a couple of inches of the switch happened the inevitable.

^&%$%@$%^^^$($!HUGE ELECTRIC SHOCK!&%&(%$*^%)^@#(* mark the stupidest I've been.


  1. But u did live on to tell this tale.. guess that is pretty awesome, no?
    Btw, that scene in 3 Idiots where the current passes thru ..ahem..ahem.. that isn't entirely true then?!!

  2. I always thought that is how it's supposed to be Pal (like it happened in 3 idiots).

    And I still wonder why it didnt happen to me that day. Achcha hua :)

  3. Tum aur tumhare kaarnaame...huff!
    But i guess ur foolest moment is something else..which u told me...i guess tht was ur wat if u were in 2nd standard...guess wat am talking about?

  4. Woh 3rd (not 2nd) wala toh hadd bevakoofi thi. I wish I had a pic... would have been real fun.


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