Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Adult Annihilated! (55 F)

Azaad and Aman altercated at aunt Annie's abode.

Afterwards, Aman absconded.

Aunt Annie arrived and asked Azaad about Aman.

Azaad answered, 'am ain’t aware'.

Aunt asked again.

Azaad answered, 'an alligator ate Aman'.

Aunt, agitated, averred, 'asshole'.

Azaad answered, 'abuse again and…'

Aunt, annoyed, aimed an axe at Azaad’s abdomen.



That was my first 55 Fiction.
'Okay, that's nice!! But what the hell is a 55 Fiction?'
Err... simply put - it's a fiction in 55 words. I tried to make a unique one by having all words with A.
The above was published by GingerChai on their Web site at: Thanks GC.


  1. I was wondering..........does END start with "A"? Hmmm..........

  2. @J - Hats On now :)

    @ Addy - Lol. I had initially ended the post with 'A AND' (THE END)... but I thought let me not overdo now.

  3. another word for u that starts with A.... Awesome


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