Saturday, September 4, 2010


It's 9:30 a.m., time for the milkman's greeds,
He gets the cow, her milk is all he needs,

Then he says, it's 10 a.m. now,
So go get lost, you stupid cow,

He pushes her outside and beats her with a stick,
And sometimes a punch, and sometimes a kick,

Then he lets her go and wander in the city,
And like every day, the cow leaves in self-pity,

And then the cow keeps roaming, that's her daily routine,
The milkman takes the milk and disowns her, he's so mean,

He won't keep her daytime; he doesn't want to arrange for her lunch,
So he just sends her away, knowing she'd find something to munch, 

While the cow remains clueless on the milkman's behavior,
And so she prays for someone to become her savior, 

On the roads she sits, and sometimes the pavement,
While people abuse her and, sometimes, the government,

Every day, she puts her life at great risk,
While the traffic goes past, quite brisk,

She looks everywhere for something to eat,
While the milkman sells milk and buys some wheat,

In the evening, she heads home, just after being caned by the traffic cop,
And on the way, kids throw stones at her, while she wishes for them to stop,

The milkman sees her enter and abuses her twice,
While the cow wishes every day for him to be nice,

This keeps happening all the time, so I decided to ask her one day,
"Dear cow, why do you bear all this, why don't you just run away?"

She looked at me and smiled, and then I saw her laugh,
"You fool, return, I have to, for the milkman has my calf".

She returns home despite bearing all this torture... for the love of her calf! A typical mom.

This post was published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 14, the fourteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers. The topic for the edition was 'Return'.


  1. Very nice n touching! Not many of us think in such a way about cows or animals! Excellent poem! I appreciate your thought process, your idea..proud of u!

  2. Finally but better late than never. Ja Vats Vijayi bhava. :P Nice . Didnt know you did poetry too. Hmm diffferent from your regular style, cool.

  3. nice one...true return of a mum.. :)

    i blog at

  4. :D Poetry? Well you do have hidden talents. Nice take on it.
    Best for BATOM

  5. We've all seen these poor animals wandering around all over India. Yet I wouldn't have dreamt that a poem could be written about them. Really unique perspective. All the best!

  6. Bud,
    Nice way to interpret the word return.
    Well written, keep writing :)

  7. Holy COW, poetry kab se shuru kardi Khitij bhaisaab?!?!?! hehe

    It was really nice... maza aya padhke... guy(hindi wala) ki tarhan sochke likhi hai ye hehehe

    all the best!!!

  8. Ha ha.. Nice one.. :)

    ATB for the BAT.. :)

  9. A very touching end! It was somewhat hilarious in the beginning, got sad in the middle and really touching in the end-like the different shades in the same poem.And of course, your take on the topic is very unique.Loved reading it.
    All the best!

  10. Good One. Dint know you could do poems too :)

  11. Hello!

    This poem is a classic example of simplicity coupled with strong message that is hard to ignore.

    Many of us are too engrossed in our own little worlds to even notice the pathetic conditions the poor creatures are kept in!Harsh reality!

    ATB with BAT

  12. What happened KK .... 11 comments and you are invisible? Is this your new mantra??
    Neways - this one was awesome.... a simple story, touching and warm, narrated like a rhyme for toddlers, but a deep meaning attached. I really liked this one....Well written friend!

  13. nice poem, very well worded and it flows too.

    and the end was the scoring point, never expected that. A mother is a mother!


  14. Amazing stuff. So true, the state of these poor cows on the road.

  15. Wow...this is a unique take so much lesson were packed in your story!

    Yes, you are right, if not for her calf, and she acted a true mother!

    Thumbs up! and all the best for BAT! :)

  16. SAD BUT TRUE..


  17. Never looked at cows this way neither tried speaking to them!
    Well written. :)

  18. Altogether a different take. I liked the way how you have raised such an emotional point.Good Luck for BAT

  19. This definitely the time table what a cow does atleas in cities like Delhi and chennai :-)

  20. hey khitij, first of all thanx for dropping in to my space, and for reading part, my mum says you need to be a good reader before you can become a good writer so for me i enjoy reading more then writing, and i never leave anything i read before commenting on it... :)

  21. Now, that was a totally different take on the topic!!
    Kept the reader guessing and an emotional, touching finish..

    to write such emotions in the form of a poem, that takes some excellent writing skills..
    Nice! liked it

  22. Cows have been used & abused in the name of culture & worship in India & then they say the cow is equivalent to 33 crore gods. Itnai Dhrushtata :-(
    A thought provoking piece.......
    I am sure, I will RETURN to this post whenever I'd see a Cow.

  23. kissan tomato ketchup like.....its different! :)

  24. Thank you all, far too kind.

    @ Jam - Thanks. I started this as a poem.. but while writing I actually felt bad for the cows. Bechaari, seedhi saadhi. I think blogging helps you in many ways. I have somehow developed a soft corner for cows. Good thing is that cows might not be bearing a lot of torture in reality because of their stature of goddess. :)

    @ Mani - Yeh. Different style apun ka. Tuu choohe waali pe hi khush reh.

    @ Namit - Thanks! Am glad you read all of them..hehe :)

    @ Tikuli - Hidden talents nahi majboori kaho. Was forced to think of something with more mass sppeal. Else, am happy with my personal weird stories.

    @ Dreamer - Yes. Poor animals they are. And I think cows are still luckier as compared to some of the others.

    @ Mr Mudassir - Thank you pal. I keep writing if you keep visiting.

    @ Tav - mere dost. Tumhaari posts se tumhara dhyan hatega toh dikhegi na dusro ki versatility. Haha.

    @ Bedlam - Hey, thanks Bedlam. ATB to you 2.

    @ Jaspreet - Thanks. Yes, you caught the mood perfectly. In fact, as I commented, even your post is wonderful. My gf liked you post :) I made her read... I knew she'd like that kind of thing.

    @ Chintu - First comment aaya aapka.. paise lautane pe... pehle batate.. :)

    @ Raksha Raman - Yes. We are too engrossed in our things. Aisa hi hai yaar. Thanks for the feedback. Jai Hind!

    @ Neo - Thanks KM. US jaa ke bhi tumne bhaichara nibhaya. Mind belowing.

    @ Restless - Yeh.. the whole poem is about the end... and the thing..

    @ The Fool - Yes buddy. Surprisingly, we have taken their being on the roads for granted... I mean it has stopped looking odd now.

    @ Amity - Thank you. Welcome to my blog. I like it when there are new visitors. (old ones never return)

    @ Magiceye - Yes, sad n true. ATB.

    @ Kevin - Try looking at them now.. maybe you see how cool they are. Indian cows are pretty cool.

    @ Maverick - Thank you. I am happy my stuff is being construed as emotional (the blog's meant to be 90% humor otherwise)

    @ Venky - LOl. Actually, when you said, I realized - my post is like a time table for cows. Good point.

    @ Namit again - Alright Namit. I trust you. :)

    @ Tuppence - Thank you 2 pence. It is a rarity for someone to praise my writing skills... I am more known for ideas (and that too, self proclaimed) :) Welcome to tbe blog.

    @ Pavil - Really. 1 cow = 33 crore gods?? I dint know that thing existed. Thanks. Be nice to cows.

    @ Sadiya - Thanks. Hope you liked the ketchup.

  25. A beautiful way of presenting motherly love, very unusual association, yet the message is conveyed in simple poetry- 1) be good to animals, 2)mothers can bear anything for their children. The ironic ending is awesome. Yes, we do need to shake hands for the same theme but very differently presented. All the best.

  26. hello friend..!!!

    nice take on the prompt...loved the way you have written..!!!

    am from the Land of Dreams where you have already read about the female infanticide posted for BAT..!!

    I respect your thought that we shall act to help the girl children...and dear i am here to tell you that i am one of those who not only write vividly about the social problems but am a social activist working or their welfare too...!!!

    we have adopted abandoned girl children and sponsoring them for their livelihood and their education for their better tomorow..!!!

    you said it applies to you too that you shall act...dear am here to tell you that there are many who need help but the number of people who are helping is very please stop thinking and start acting for a better India...!!

    thank you

  27. I have read about 5-6 posts from this BAT, but this one has the most amazing subject and the fact that it included an awareness adds up to the credit of your post!

    I know am not participating, but my vote goes out to you! Will share this with my readers too! :)

  28. A really unique and poignant take on the topic !!
    And a wonderful allegory,if u so choose,to view the travails of the world-be it mothers and children,careers and jobs,love and its tribulations-they all find an answer in this simple narrative.
    Truly,a job well done !

  29. Unusual, yet the way you've personified the cow is great. The flow is maintained superbly.
    All the best for the BAT.

  30. a different take on Return but nice plot liked it v much .
    all the best you too.

  31. Response Round 2:
    @ Cherry - Absolutely bang on with your summary. Thanks so much. Btw.. why did you keep your name as cherry blossom? Ah. Maybe I should ask this on your blog.

    @Ms. Meduri - I'm glad to learn about your profile. Our country badly needs people like you. As far as I am concerned, I will have to initiate now :)

    @ Sourav - thanks bro. Let's hope you print stuff pretty soon :)

    @ Brijender - Your allegory view makes me say, 'o tere ki, yeh toh socha bhi na'. Hehe. As said, beauty lies in the eyes of the Brijender :) Thank you for the comment. I loved you post more than you liked mine, am sure!

    @ D2 - Thanks buddy. Your first time here.

    @ Saket - Thank you Saket. Welcome to DKD.

  32. A very touching post. Sure if animals could talk, they would express something like this only, for all the injustice humans do on them.
    a very novel approach to the theme and it definitely clicked. All the very best.

  33. A heartfelt post really.
    The cruelty of the humans, the patience of cows, the harsh reality - everything has been presented marvelously. Too good.
    All the best, man!

  34. Hey! Kshitij I really didn't see your comment on my post earlier-dunno what happened! but reading the appreciation has made me smile :) Thanks for dropping by once again.ATB for BAT :)

  35. My imagination floated straight to a woman as I was reading through the post. Upon realizing that you are speaking about the animal itself I felt pity and at the same time realized that perhaps you've used this issue as an analogy to the many disrespectful lives women are forced to live.
    I hope I've not confused you with my mumbo-jumbo. I will be returning for more, definitely enjoyed this one.

  36. That's a good one, Kshitij!!
    All the best for BAT.
    Cheers :)

  37. Awww, that's sweet.... only mothers (and fathers) can be so selfless.

  38. @ Dil se - Thank you so much Dil Se. This comment is as precious as the vote you casted for me in the competition.

    @ Karthik - Hey, thanks man. It might be good but nowhere close to yours on the topic :)

    @ Jaspreet - Hmm.. yeah :) I thought that you missed it somehow. You are welcome... the appreciation is truly deserved.

    @ Sidra - You know what - you are making the poem look more beautiful. I didnt think that deep... but you and Brijender have made it look more beautiful. Thanks Sidra. And I am sorry for misinterpreting your story.

    @ Swayambhu - Of course!

    @ Shilpa - Hello Shilpa. Thank you so much. And your vote makes me feel even more better.

    @ Pallavi - wow! One of my fav writers at my doorstep :) Thanks Pal. You're true about parents.

    Also thanking The Fool and Magic Eye for voting for me. Your votes bloated my BAT profile big time.
    PS: The Fool - We are sort of on the same frequency, as it turns out. Good to know you.

  39. hahaha..... really a dusht ka dristikon.... total fun reading bro

  40. @ Mag - And I thought it was going to be senti :)

    Thanks for visiting Mag (m) - I have seen you often on Indi. Need to explore your identity.

  41. i thought its gonna make me laugh but i m so touched...dats really sweet of u to thnk n write it down...highly appreciated!!!

  42. @ Swati - Thank you. It solved the purpose.

  43. is the first time i got some time to go through your blogs.....u r simply fantastic.....i read a few of them.....and i have to's imagination and creativity par excellence....brilliant stuff buddy!!!!

    Keep rocking man.....and churn out some more amazing stuff from that fantastic brain of urs.....keep blogging

  44. Sir, aap kaha se aa pahuche meri gali mei :)

    Your words are very encouraging. Very, very motivating. Thanks Krishna.


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