Monday, May 31, 2010

Penning the Love

Dear Diary

Love is of course there. But, we share a great physical relationship. On every single visit, he leaves marks all over my body. And on every next visit, I am blank... waiting for his love to fill me again.

Some might say it's not wise to get involved everyday. I don't buy that. I love every minute of it. Infact, I was born for him to do that to me.

The curves on his cylinderical body turn me on. However, in reality, I don't do anything. I stay still while he does what he does best. That's our way. Oooo!

Often, we take a break... and that's the time he lies on me. Ah! God knows how much I love it. I could spend my whole life that way. God even knows how I keep asking for more and more time with him.

I clearly remember the first time we met. I was new in the neighbourhood, and I presumed he had been there for quite some time. He came to me on the second day of my 'new address'. He took off his cap and made immediate contact with me. That day onward, he comes everyday. That day onward, I wait everyday.

And everyday, I feel him all over my body... from left to right... left to right... left to right... left to right... while he moves from top to bottom.... top to bottom... over and over again.

I sometimes wonder, what is the end of this story? Are we going to be like this always? All physical and no talks! But then, I also wonder why I didn't know him earlier. Had we been in the same class, we would have spoken much more. Moreover, I am damn sure we would have been quite together in many tests in the class—after all, P is not that far away from N!

It's night and I should sleep now. Tomorrow's another day... with my darling.

That was a diary entry from Notebook. She loves the pen that works on her during days... and she thinks about him at nights.

Below is the diary entry from Pen... for the same day.
Hey Diary

Bored of these females now. Pad, File, Paper, Notebook... go away and get lost!

Hoping to get introduced to a new girl... What about Sheets? (wink) :)



  1. Not a platonic relationship after all!!! I know a few Pens do all their work at night, and rest during the day. Guess in the present world, Keyboard is mightier than the Pen and the Notepad comes with its configurations!

  2. Lovely and naughtily erotic post..

    The love affair of a Notebook and pen :)

  3. Good one! Men.. women... Mars... Venus
    Pen, notebook! :)

  4. Wickedly funny! :D
    Very very interesting, Kshitij!
    Cheers :)

  5. very interesting letter this one is..good luck :)

  6. He he he, what a twist :-) Cool post!!

  7. :) had me wondering till the end. Interesting one.

  8. Lol!!! :D
    Interesting! :D

  9. Lol! what a twist liked this 'Non human' love story ....

  10. Wicked!! Loved it :)

    Look at pen, already on his way to new conquests, some would say, just like a typical man :)

  11. ROFL! ROFL! ROFL! (I'm dead sure this time that this one is funny.... 'Deliriously' funny, in fact! :))

  12. @ Neo - What are these night pens you are talking about? I dont get you bro.
    @ Lazy Vi - Yes,... bang on... erotic is exactly what I wanted to turn this into :)
    @ Puj, Shilpa, Neha, Pal, Tav, Ini, Nive, Rahul, Hungry, Dhiman - Cant do more than thanking you and asking to visit again :)
    @ Smitha - Absolutely! Typical man. In fact, I had that similarity pointed out at the end of the post through a 'PS'... but removed it later.
    @ MM - You are back, my friend. Yes, this is funny now... haha.. last one was a fiasco. Hey, I want to tahnk you for being a regular visitor. I was waiting for you this time.

  13. Very creative and you managed to walk the razor's edge in maintaining perfect balance between and erotic atmosphere and the factual details of the interaction between pen and notebook. I had already commented that non human love story is having the toughest fight without reading your post. Reading your post only further enforces my point. Gems, each one of them in this category.

  14. Simply Lol! Must have been tough initially to conceptualize but it has come out well.

  15. Thanks buddy!
    The fact is- I keep waiting for your posts. Such respite.... Keep penning... I mean, shatter more keys :)

  16. That was unexpected. Pen and diary's love story.. Hehe.. very imaginative. Liked Pen's entry more :))

  17. @ The Fool - yes.. all good ones in the category. In fact, overall, lot of good ones in all categories.
    @ Arif - Thanks Arif. I actually did not put much effort into it... did it in one go... natural flair for erotic writing... you may say :)
    @ MM - Thanks bud! I wait for your comments... so the feeling's mutual.
    @ Evane - Oh... you liked the Pen more? That was just an attempt to showcase a typical male... grrr!


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