Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daughtered and Slaughtered

I don't remember my parents. I mean, the biological parents. As long as my memory takes me, I have always been with the couple who adopted me... so, they became my parents by default.

Because they have been my parents, I am in a bigger shock for what they did to me. Was that because I'm a female? Yes, I am a female... and in India, females have not enjoyed a lot of freedom since the beginning. I know the times are changing... and I am sure there will be perfect parity some years from now. I hope.

Coming back to my story. My parents asked me to sleep with a stranger! What kind of parents would do that to their child? Even though I may have been adopted; still, who does that kind of shit?

So, I did as I was asked. Did I have any choice? This guy totally overpowered me for I don't know how long. When the thing was done, he went his way and I went home. God knows what deal he'd struck with my mommie daddie. You know what followed next? Don't you? I was expecting soon after! No marriage no nothing... and I was expecting. I wouldn't raise a voice... because I couldn't. They were my parents.

Anyway, I clearly remember it to be January when I delivered twins—a cute male and an unfortunate (as I realize the status of females in here) opposite gender. Okay... so, I didn't know. Seriously, what could I do with the kids? Who and where was their daddy?

But the love for the twins proved overwhelming! I started enjoying their company, but it turned out to be temporary. A month later, my parents gave away my son... to god knows who. I kept crying, but they hardly noticed the tears.

Just because I was adopted and given a home... did not mean I could be subjected to all that! Do you think they are humans? I think otherwise.

Ignoring the pathetic parents, all I am left with is my lovely daughter. Now, I just hope they don't take her away.
Written by a female doggie who's badly missing her male pup... and wondering what her owner got out of sending him away... and how come the female stays back in this anti-female place...

"You love your kids like hell... and sell ours... I ask why..."


  1. :( poor doggie!

    (are the spelling of male written incorrect knowingly? )

    I was wondering ki koi 'chhotu-lambu' waale Shehab se ‘Jheel ke uss paar’ wala gulshan Nanda kaise ban gaya? :)

  3. @ Shilpa - naah ji.. galti se... correct kar diya.. thank you.

  4. @ MM - There are 2 problems with your comment.
    1. This post was supposed to be a sad post... and the author did not expect someone to say ROFLs... hahaha
    2. I have no idea what your comment means.. saaf saaf bol be. Vaise, to guess, do you mean ke anap shanap kahani ke lekhak se mai yeh serious likhne ki koshish kyo kar raha hoon?

  5. I found it funny. Yes, right- anap-shanap se serious kaise- that's what I was wondering.

  6. I found homor even in your serious stuff, but if the author is saying it's serious, then it has to be. BTW, Shehab's comics were the funniest. See if you can lay hands on any. Gulshan Nanda wrote serious novels.
    Good luck with your serious writing..

  7. @ MM - abbey yeh to bas experimental tha. Tumko funny laga toh achchi baat hai :)

    I will write my usual very soon. Have been experimenting since last few posts. variety ke liye. I will watch out for sheheb... never heard of it... though i was a huge comic buff... maine chacha, dhruv, nagrj, billu, pinki, doga, raman... sabko padha hai...

  8. On a second thought- yes, people don't think much about taking their young ones away from the pets. Kind of ruthless. I also used to hate the scene when a calf would be separated from the cow after it had sucked a little milk, and then they'd start milking the cow for either selling the milk away or for their own consumption.

  9. First time here...and I am glad!!
    1. It's different...your blog I mean, like Maggi Tomato Ketchup. :D
    2. It's funny in a very different way!! Gosh, how many times I am using different! :P
    3. A post from a Doggie Mom's perspective...amazing!!
    4. Your blog url...wow!! Need to read more of your posts to understand the Dusht Ka Drishtikone! :)

    PS: We are the Wordsworth Legions at Cafe Ginger... and the action is about to begin. Pls join in!!
    Cheers :)

  10. Hi Kshitij,
    We are missing you at The Wordsworth Legion. Waiting for you to join. Pls join @ our Strategy Dugout at Cafe Ginger.

  11. Never-ever had thought about the fate of a female doggie until i read ur post. Was completely taken by surprise when i read the end. Well-written.

  12. Humorous yet thought provoking. I have often felt bad when a litter of puppies is sold for hefty prices. We take away pups from their mothers, sell them to rich owners, who keep them in big houses full of humans with no one of their own kind for company. What a pitiable lilfe pet dogs lead.

  13. Wow!!! Nice story. Stumbled across your blog, read it, loved it :)

    Very insightful treatment of the subject. I guess I'd keep coming back for more.

  14. @ MM - yes... cows too. sad.
    @ Shilpa - Thanks so much teammate... vaise, this is not my usual. My usual are fiction stories. Coming to wordsworth, tomorrow's the day. :) Am looking forward...
    @ Ini - yo man! But that's why they are dogs.
    @ Rohit - Thank you Rohit. You're welcome in here... your visits have been approved. Do return.

  15. what a bullshit dude....u made the mystry , surrounding, atmosphere and than.....fusss

    gud one yaar...keep it up...

  16. what a bullshit dude....u made the mystry , surrounding, atmosphere and than.....fusss

    gud one yaar...keep it up...

  17. @ Manish - samajh nahi aa raha tumhare comment se ke u find it good one ya bullshit :)
    @ Gemini - thank you. Your birthday is around the corner I guess.

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