Thursday, March 4, 2010

Game Over, Name Over

Baskar-Hai-Tauba (BHT) was the new face of terror. They had 3 executives in all and claimed to be growing strong by the minute. Anyway, the fact that they had big plans made them quite dangerous.

The story began when BHT threatened India about spoiling it's Commonwealth Games to be held in 2010. India beefed up the security but still goofed up.

The whole workforce of BHT (3) somehow managed to enter Delhi. Their plan was to spread terror by killing sportspersons... which would mean that the rest of the world would not find India 'safe' for the games... and the games would get canceled! This would be a tremendous boost for the reputation of BHT.

The targets chosen by BHT were the local sportspersons who had begun practicing a month before the actual event.

Now, BHT chose the 'practice' time over the actual event time for multiple reasons:

a. they did not have a huge manpower to plan big operations.
b. high security was expected at the actual event.
c. and most importantly, it was a known fact that practicing sportspersons seldom got high security... they were easy targets.

So, the day arrived... and the BHT men, loaded with knives and guns and other weapons, entered one of the Commonwealth Stadiums... killed
BOOM...two killed
BOOM...three killed ...all killed

No security, no nothing, just innocent sportspersons... and still, the whole of BHT was killed! Terminated!

BHT men had entered the arena where sportspersons were practicing 'shooting'.


  1. Hey... I say sorry to the people who commented on this post... I lost the comments while removing that comment management system I had installed. Nevertheless, all is well now!

  2. This would make a good script for a movie... Only thing to ensure is some high profile actor plays the role of the shooter, and he has a friend shooter with a sister (the heroine)!

  3. Huff. That means that comment system is indeed working. Haha.

    I am not sure what you mean, Ini. Are you referring to sportsperson shooter or BHTs? On second thought, I think you are trying to put in the herione touch... essential for our movies.

  4. they shoot with real bullets? .. i mean the ones Police and BHT use :P ? ..

  5. Haha... I dont know dude. -ALL FICTION-

    But good point to note.

  6. This story reminded me of the movie 'Dil Se'... where one terrorist is supposed to blow up a nation's republic day function. That is why your story somehow seemed apt for a movie script with a few extra characters added.

    It might sound hilarious now, but who knows someday people would be flocking to movie halls to see a similar movie :)

  7. What do you mean who knows? I am writing stories for some producer to notice... :)


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