Sunday, April 1, 2012

That Last Night

Hello! My name is Mister Teeju,
And my age is fifty plus two,
Happy life I have... says who?
Let me tell you what is true,

My wife’s name is Miss Tippani,
Pretty woman, soft voice, said many,
She’s a lovely housewife, unlike any,
Even though we don’t have enough money,

But the problem… is not really her,
Instead… it’s our damn daughter,

Daughter’s name is Girja,
She is like a lady ninja,

She is 24 years old,
Rude, and very very cold,

Since we survived under financial restriction,
Between us there was a lot of friction,

Ok! So, what happened that last night?
Well, Girja and I had another fight,
And, as usual, I was always right,
But she kept shouting at me inspite,

We had gone together to drop her mom to a train station,
On the way back, Girja asked money for makeup and foundation,
What the hell, I thought… and I said no, in frustration,
She yelled at me; it felt like attending my own cremation,

I shouted back at her, “You rude girl,”
“Just for money, such abuses you hurl?”

“I will not give you anything till you behave,”
“I am your father, and some respect I crave,”

Girja said, "Ha ha ha ha, you a father?”
"You are a miser, live without you I rather"

I got shocked… and shouted, "Okay, I will die",
And she laughed again, seeing me almost cry,
We reached home, and I decided something I had to try,
So, I reached for the rope, it was time to tie,

I decided to commit suicide by hanging myself from the fan,
Not serious, all drama, that's the best I can,
To make Girja realize that she needs to respect the old man,
I came up with a farcical suiciding plan,

I thought… seeing me trying to hang myself, she will hate,
And just when I’m about to, she will shout, “Hey, wait”,

So, I made all arrangements, the fan, the stool, and the rope,
I had to act well, well enough to look someone without any hope,

And when I was ready, I shouted her name,
I knew that now on, things won't be the same,

She entered my room with her usual attitude,
And saw me standing at some altitude,
A rope around my neck, my escape from the feud,
Her expressions changed, she no more looked rude,

She shouted “WAITTTTT”, looked like she really meant,
And trying to look serious, a listening ear I lent,
On my table were a pen and a notepad, toward them she went,
And asked me loudly, “What's the number for our insurance agent?”

I could not control myself; this was not at all fun,
And I shouted… 9-8-7-3-2, five triple one,

She did not write anything, threw the pen and the notepad,
And I thought she finally realized the worth of her dad,

Then, she rushed toward me like an emotional fool,
But when she reached… she kicked the stool.


This post had been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 26; the 26th Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. The topic for the month was 'That Last Night'.

There were 27 entries...
...and with 6 votes, I ranked second in the competition. :)


  1. OMG! That's a very... different kind of "poem" I've come across in the blogosphere. The last I read such funny poetic narrations was in junior school. I remember one - "Mr. Nobody". I found your poem really humorous, even though the poor dad apparently had to die that night... for real! :p

  2. burst out laughing, dude, supe sarcasm, ultimate in penning. just superb.

  3. Poor Mister Teeju, jaan bhi gayi, aur kaam bhi nahi hua.

  4. @ Chicky - Now you got me interested in this Mr Nobody. I'm glad you liked the poem...err whatever you call this weird 2-line 4-line combo. I see that you have participated - will come over.

    @ Pramod - Thanks buddy. Glad.

    @ Say Cheese - yesss... achchi daughters ki zaroorat hai samaaj ko aaj. :) Thanks. You are usually the one who comes to read... :)

    1. Of course I come to read. :) I am one of your earliest fans. :D

    2. @ yah yah.... bol lo bol lo. But I appreciate you for being one of the motivators.

  5. That was damned funny. And sad too :( but what a way of writing, and how easily the words flowed!

  6. That was super funny and very cool. Loved it :) :) :)

  7. Ha ha ha. That was wicked. Your the most creative Blog-a-ton ic I have seen. Every time something new.

  8. @ Shilpa - Thanks Shilpa. I will be reading yours soon. See you on your blog.

    @ High - Lil high :) I was going through one my old posts (thoo's view) and saw your comment there. And here you are again. Thanks for reading buddy. Your name's nice... just take it looks like LLL high. Will be at your blogstep soon.

    @ The Fool - V kind words. Something new I do strive for (but usually end up creating similar stuff). But glad you liked it. I had to read the poem to myself so many times while writing it that I got terrible bored of it. So much so that I thought it was too long etc. But some of you liked it.... so it was worth.

    @ Srikanth - thanks man. see you on your blog.

  9. Wait a minute! Was this supposed to be funny or sad or what? I am quite mixed up. However I think it would have been better suited had you been talking of a girl and her poor husband.
    Daughters generally tend to love their dads... So this was a little unreal.

    But however, amusing work! :)
    All the best!

  10. That was so funny indeed...Well done!

    I hope it was just a poem and it is not real...fictitious poetry!

    I noticed how you gladly maintained the rhyming scheme!

    All the Best Kshitij! :)

  11. @ Enchanta - funny/sad?? My usual thing is to try to be funny. And hence the mix up.

    My wife did ask me to make it husband-wife thing... but I thought that's pretty usual. So, I did intentionally take up something unusual.

    But, I do understand your point... and appreciate your feedback. Thanks. Looking forward to reading your post.

    @ Amity - Hey! Long time :) All fiction!! Thanks for your words.

  12. Your writings are tremendously witty which makes it such an interesting read. Its absolutely humorous with a little unusual touch to it (the father-daughter factor). Nevertheless, beauty lies in the way you have scripted it and your effort to rhyme it so beautifully. All the best.

  13. my goodness... first very nice flow of words..anybody can just read it and enjoy it..

    and an unexpected ending..very differet...but liked the way you put it...:)

  14. @ Cherry Blossom - your words are encouraging! thanks.

    @ Chetan - am glad you liked it. see you at your blog. :)

  15. Haha...very very funny...was laughing all the way.. great job !!!

  16. ha wicked :P :D hehe

    all the best bro :)

  17. And just after kicking the stool
    My daughter said to herself "I am a fool"

    Before creating this mess
    I should have asked dad to leave a suicide note
    In 140 characters or less.

    Dusht ka Drishtikone indeed , Cheers! :)

    1. Haa! "140 characters or less"! Good one Sanjoo! :-D

  18. @ Vikram - In future, when the blog comments will be in recorded audio, I will look out for your great laugh buddy ;p


    @ Sankar - thanks buddy, good luck to you too.

    @ Sunjoo - aisi chudail ladki suicide note ka bhi kya karti ?? ;p But I like the word limit part... good job. Thanks for coming... and leaving your mark :) Cheers!

  19. Sad and Funny ... a different take indeed!

  20. that was funny take on the theme buddy.. Keep rocking..

  21. @ savitaa - thanks for reading.


    @ SIS - thanks for your good words.

  22. Hello Kshitij ji, congratulations for your well-deserved win. I always tell you that ur writings are very witty and refreshing.

    Thank you so much for your appreciation of my post and for the vote as well.

  23. Hello Kshitij ji, congratulations for your well-deserved win. I always tell you that ur writings are very witty and refreshing.

    Thank you so much for your appreciation of my post and for the vote as well.

  24. Hahaha That was really funny! did not expect the was a pleasure reading it...

  25. @ Maun v - thanks a lot buddy.

    @ Cherry Blossom - Hey, thanks for the encouragement. Your poem was amazing.... I say again!

    @ Yemiledu - I'm glad you liked it :) Welcome to the blog.

  26. kitze superb ......rhyming the sarc:)...

  27. Congratual;ationsss ... very well deserved, i must add. my hurt goes out that poor dad. gosh, can children be so cruel ??? i loved the rhyme.. and overall the emotions were so beautifully conveyed !!! hats offf

  28. Thanks v much Menachery. I don't think any daughter can be that cruel. Daughters love their daddy. :)


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