Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beta, Jai Kar Ke Dikha

Does the title ring any bells?

Have you ever imagined how torturous it must be for our kids? Okay, do one thing. Pause for a moment and think of a child (6 months - 2 years) you have seen. Of course, it could be your child as well.

Do you remember the child performing different 'acts' for you on the orders of his/her parents? Or, did you teach your infants crazy little things that serve no useful purpose but to show off how bright they are... or how entertaining they can get?

I mean what the heck.

Consider these:

  • बेटा, जय कर के दिखा
  • बता दे किसका बेटा है? 
  • बता दे Doggy कैसे भौंकता है
  • Fan कहाँ है?
  • खासी कर के दिखा  
  • पिट्टी कर के दिखा  
  • बेटा नमस्ते कर दे एक बार 
  • Nosy nosy कहाँ है?

...and so on!

I mean... what is all this? Even if you have taught the poor little infants some wacko stuff that includes barking like a dog, why would you want the kid to perform in front of strangers? Because it gets extremely entertaining to look at them doing all that stuff? But what about them?

Do you ever wonder how retarded these kids look doing stuff like that? I know they look cute... but the acts are retarded mostly.

The other day I heard someone ordering the child... beta, aaai-koj karke dikha... And I wondered what it meant till the child showed the demo of 'eyes-close'. Oh! Wonderful. The poor little kid will now feel embarrassed in nursery when the teacher will ask him to close the eyes... and the kid wouldn't know what that means. He only knows how to koj the aaai.

And do you wonder what they must be going through repeating the same old stupid acts infinite number of times day in and day out?

It must be hard for them.

Well, I know that is probably how the learning process begins for them... but please. At least, make them do some sensible stuff. Make them solve some Maths problems. Probably I was made to do that... and that's why I am writing like a retaaaaard.


  1. :P lol, never thought about it before. Beta jai kar ke dikha, this one almost every single Indian child is made to do. Poor little things!!

  2. yeah - Jai kar ke dikha is sooo soo common. but they look so cute doing all that stuff.

  3. LoL :)) just loved it!! kitna DUSHT sochte hoh tum Kshitij!! Now, I wud think twice b4 asking such silly stuff frm my nepheww! Dog says.... Bow Vow

  4. Hey Pooja. Thanks for visiting. Don't take me seriously... bachche look cute doing that... full-on timepass.

  5. Thrz 1 more sir "beta guchhaa karke dikhao"

  6. mujhko pata nahi guchhaa kya hota hai... :(

    Julwa se poochoonga.

  7. but wat els cud u possibly do??? my nephew is 5 months old, n v do all stpd things arnd him :D

  8. same here, same everywhere. We just love to do stupid things around kids.. and hope that they learn something from it :)


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