Monday, January 17, 2011

Ess A Mess

Mind blowing!

Happy new year bodies. Good to see you. This is my first post for 2011 and what better to do than crib. Yeah yeah, c.r.i.b, it is!

I think it will be my phone today. Let me take you through a couple of uncanny features it offers. For starters, it's a Sony phone.

And in the SMS section, there are two particular features:
  • Next Word Suggestion - It means what it should mean. While typing an SMS, the phone suggests 'next' word(s) and it is on my discretion whether or not I want to take it (the suggestion of course).
  • Full Word Suggestion - Here, while typing an SMS, if I start writing a word, the phone tries to complete it. I think it searches its memory and tries to guess what I may have written. I hear that my previously written SMSes contribute a lot to its memory base.
Sound good? Please don't say stuff like 'ah, it's a common feature', because I don't know other phones. And mind you, the above features don't concern the T9 thing. That's a separate thing all together.

Now then, as cool or comfortable the features sound, they often end up irritating me.

To elaborate... If I write any sentence and end it with a period (full stop), the phone automatically and probably conveniently adds a com after the full stop.

Which basically means my messages look like this:
a. Hey, am leaving for
b. Please reach on
c. blah blah

Got my point? Many a times, I am in a hurry and click the send button only to realize the presence of that .com in the message that I just sent. Irritating!

Let me think of more.... oh, yeah!

The name of my manager is Gurpreet... and, the moment I type Gur, this bloody phone changes it to... Gurkha.


I must have changed this gurkha into gurpreet so many times but the phone does not remember. Dumb ass, I say.

Then, there are occasions when this thing throws up such weird weird sentences as suggestions. Gosh, they dont even mean a shit. Example - If I am typing am going... the phone changes it to am going hm.woh

Ya ya, that is it! What would that mean? Ghanta!

You know something... I can't possibly list all that this phone does. But am sure you get the point.

I know I have been harsh with the lovely features... and so I take this opportunity to tell you about the best thing about the two features - you can turn em off.


  1. LOL. Poor you!! and Gurkha errr I mean Gurpreet too. :D By the way I like the title of the post. very creative.

  2. Ha ha..gud one! And I have been the victim of receiving so many dot.coms for free...
    I really liked the examples you've provided :)
    And yeah..I didn't know that these features can be turned off! Your victimization seems to appear less now :P

  3. Love this post. Next time try sending message to Gurpreet without editing Gurkha and see what happens :)

  4. keep them coming...waiting for your next post :)

  5. ohh..i hate it too...i just can't write a sms in hindi on iphone...same problem...still i dont turn it off!!! sumtimes not a mess...

  6. @ Shilpa - Thank you. Even I like the title.

    @ JJ - Hunh! AB toh nahi aate honge.. I make an effort to remove em. But vaise, I still havent turned em off... ab toh aadat si hai unki... plus, occasionally, they give me a good laugh :)

    @ Padma - Yeah, sounds good. Let's see how Gary responds to that.

    @ Ashish - Hello Kaptaan saab. Good to see you.

    @ Tash - Hmmm... even I havent turned it off. Your bdday coming... I remember...

  7. Dude, if you'd be interested to write for an e-mag do let me know. Mail me

  8. :) I know what you mean.. I send messages mostly to my fiance. At times when I do send messages to others, the moment I type "I", my phone completes it for me with "I love you"! I was caught in many embarassing situations that now I do not use my phone to send messages.

  9. @ Addy - I emailed you.

    @ Ini - MAN! Sending that to people other than who it is meant for must be big-time embarassment. :) I wonder what justification you'd give for that. Btw, good to see you after long.


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