Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Mystery

A recent piece of news had made it to the headlines. It was about a court case that was to be contested very soon. The defendant (a shop owner) was being accused of physical, psychological, and sexual molestation on one of his staff members. Surprisingly, he claimed that he had never hired a staff member in his life.
...and that's why they called it the 'mystery' case!

Let's look at what happened in the courtroom!

'Order, order', said the judge,
He was fair, without any grudge,

'Next case please', he loudly announced,
'Staff vs. Shop Owner', someone pronounced,

There were murmurs; people paid attention,
The case was big; one could feel the tension,

It was a mysterious case, everybody knew,
And everybody was interested, not just few,

Walked in the lawyers, black coats they wore,
They charged big money, pockets they tore,

Anyways, the proceedings began, people were quiet,
While the judge prayed for a smooth sail, and not a riot,

One of the lawyers rose and walked toward the middle,
He claimed this case was simple, and not a riddle,

He said, 'my lord, my client is aggrieved',
'She worked at the shop, your help we need', 

'She has been tortured, a torture that's rare',
'By the shop owner, the man who sits there',

'She cries day and night, hungry she stays',
'For the shop owner's deeds, she quietly pays',
'What did he do to your client', asked the judge slowly,
'My lord, he's a terrible guy, his class is lowly'.

'Please be specific, don't go round and round',
'I want to know what he did, with your next sound',

'He's a monster, I promise I will easily prove',
'And once I finish, a death sentence you'll approve',

'Please begin now', the judge pointed a finger,
'And I dare you now... do not try to linger',

The lawyer pointed at the defendant and said, 'this man',
'Has done to my client... what only a pervert can',

'He stripped her every night, not once did he fail',
'O lord, just get him executed, don't send him to jail',

'He'd see her naked, and smile once or twice',
'O lord, you tell me, do you find that nice?'

'He'd dress her later, after some time',
'And mind you, that's not his only crime',

'He'd make her work nonstop, without giving a break',
'Lord, please to be hanging him till death, for god's sake',

'And to top everything, he did not give her any money',
'These are some serious issues, nothing so funny',
The people in the court felt bad for the girl,
Abuses at the shop owner, they started to hurl,

'You fucking asshole... you piece of shit',
'You should be thrown into a dark pit',

'Quiet, quiet', the judge ordered everyone,
This courtroom had become anything but fun,

'Call the shop owner, we will listen from him',
'If he's done all this, his survival will be grim',

The shop owner rose, and smiled ear to ear,
He knew pretty well; his time to speak was near,


He said, 'my lord, this is complete crap',
'Someone has worked hard to put this trap',

'This case is nonsense, this hearing is absurd',
'And you are listening to them, you must be a nerd',

The judge got angry... and said, 'careful mister',
'The crimes we are talking about are pretty sinister',

The owner started laughing loudly, 'haha hehe',
'O lord, I swear, nothing wrong's been done by me',

'I have never ever hired anyone, not since an eternity',
'And if you don't believe me, ask my shopkeeper fraternity',

At that point, all the local shopkeepers rose and said...

We stand by him, his words we confirm,
He is innocent, he deserves no term,

He's been a one-man army, and we are quite sure,
The allegations against him don't seem to be pure,

The judge got annoyed; he said, 'what the hell?'
'Something's really fishy here, I can easily smell',

'I think I know what's happening', said the defendant,
The judge looked in his direction, a listening ear he lent,

'But before you say anything, I warn you not to give me any mystery',
'Better tell me the facts and facts alone, else you'll be a part of history',

'Yes my lord, I have indeed done all this',
'But there's something crucial you shouldn't miss',

'There you go, so you confess to your crime',
'To gallows you go now, to serve your time',

'Wait a minute my lord, there's more that you should know',
'Something so crucial that it should reduce my term to zero',

'You are a sinner, for the things you have done',
'Now what could possibly save you, you demon?'
The guy looked at the judge... and said.....

'My lord, whatever I have done, how can it be a sin?'
'When it was being done to my shop's only mannequin'


This post had been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 17; the seventeenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers. Although I was expecting the post to do very well, it fetched me just 4 votes ;p


  1. was it d mannequin who lodged d complaint...creative!

  2. Kavi Kshitij Khurana ki ajab Mystery

  3. hehe...dats mind was alredy conjuring ideas dat went in completely different tracks....Even thot i wud ask u y she wrkd fr him wen he dint pay her.
    baharhaal!!!!!.....nicely done....thumbs up :-)

  4. LOL!!!!!!! Very creative.

    For some 'fully free and unsolicited' constructive criticism: It was too lengthy, the moment you said 'cries' it made the 'she' sound human and not a doll, so that was misleading. Other than that, a 4-line-rhyme would have sounded even better than 2-line-rhymes :-)

  5. Kshitij,

    That was cool :)
    the mannequin huh? ;)
    it was funtastic mate

    all the best for BATOM

  6. Got me hooked till the end.. Cool post

  7. I loved the way you narrated this...Really very different and awesome. Your choice of words is superb.

  8. Loved the idea and uniqueness! The word "creative" is not enuf...

  9. Damn nice, very creative!
    All the best!

  10. Well I have to say that this a unique mysery.. I loved it damn good.. PS: I am a mad fan of Sachin, Sachin & Sachin.. I am gonna follow your blog from this moment.. All the Best for BAT..

    Stop by,Someone is Special - The Mysery

    --Someone is Special--

  11. Look who said that he doesn't like poetry!!!! How well you linked the rhyming words and I know how time consuming it is to bring such a perfection. I always applauded your twists and this was just unique. I cant believe myself that someone can write such lovely lines on mystery. You have great talent. I thought of writing poetry, but changed my mind. Anyway, all the best. Great job.

  12. Cool one, man. You have a real unique sense of humor.

  13. Btw, you might be interested in meeting my Bulgarian friend. She looks like Julia Stiles. I never knew such an actress existed till this Bulgarian friend of mine showed me her pic saying people say she looked like the actress.

  14. nice flowy poem with a concept.great! and all the best for BAT.

  15. Good one.. the last line was the punch line :)

  16. You left such good words about me... yet I can only wonder about your awesome sense of humor blended with the perfect (not the easiest) medium and style of writing! Excuse me, gotta go, I wanna read it again.... :D

  17. Brilliant write! Amazing. The flow, the words, the simplicity and pure wit. Awesome.
    All the best for the BAT.

  18. I knew it was coming to that point, the mystery of the mannequin...

    Brilliant you treated the theme is very nice...yes excellent one Kjistii...

    All the best!!!

  19. wowie..wonderful one..!!! thanks for such a nice take on the prompt..!!

    All the best for BAT dear..!!!

    Yamini Meduri - The Mystery

    Yamini Meduri

  20. Bloody hell... kya likha hai boss... had a huge laugh at the end... but dude u gave me some suggestions so let me give u one.... poem mine lines choti likha karo... bohot lambi lines thi....

    anyways I had a huge laugh... keep them coming!


  21. :D
    That s indeed cool...quite innovative

  22. Wow! Wondering how you managed to get the syntax so right...?! Great way of putting things together :) The justification of this plot would have run pages together had you decided to write it like any regular story but this format is simply awesome :)

    Glad to have visited before casting my votes. I'd have so regretted otherwise!Cheers! ATB with BAT :)

  23. What a world it would be if all reporters wrote in poetry!!!
    Would it be read till the end????
    Cheers ATB for BAT 17

  24. Hi Kshitij
    I came back to answer for the inspiring comment that you left for my post. Thank you so much for the appreciation. I am just an ordinary writer, trying to improve at every attempt and with the sincere criticisms from friends like you. I do agree with you that the formatting is not proper, for the post was published in a haste. Secondly, its not a mystery topic in the truest sense of the term. I just wanted to convey that in our complicated life, each individual is unique and mysterious. We neither understand each other, nor do we bother to do so. There is no transparency in any relationship, whatsoever. Otherwise its just a stereotyped storyline. In fact, I like your wit and humour and so just enjoy reading your posts.

  25. I have been reading some of the BAT entries and this one would have had my vote had I participated, and now I wish I did! Yes, just to be able to vote for your post.

    For me the post was profound.

    I understand that perhaps it was written with humor as the theme and perhaps not. But, for me, it was an almost dark description. A reader while trying to decipher what's going on puts the blame on the shopkeeper, than after the shopkeeper's fraternity it's on her and then finally when the end is revealed it's still not clear as to who was wrong. This is so because I'm considering the option where the man did indeed have her working for him and was mentally unstable and misconstrued her to be a mannequin and did what he did.

    In either case the "mannequin files a court case" take was also an imaginative thing to try out..


  26. Thank you all for visiting. Now... talking to you individually:

    @ Adarsh - Yesh, you can say that.. thanks.

    @ Pram - Achcha ji.. filam ka title hai ke?

    @ Sadiya - Haha, thanks. No need to feel sad for the worker.

    @ Pallavi - Thanks...and another thanks for criticizing. Talking about your


    a. lengthy - hmmmm, maybe. I was trying to build up the mystery by lengthening

    the end..may have made it lengthy :)

    b. Cries making it look like human - You know Pal, that's a very interesting

    point. I know where you're coming from. Now, after reading your comment did I

    realize there could have been a pattern for keeping it non-human while unfolding

    the mystery. be honest.. I did not think of it that way. I was keeping it

    really free while writing. But yes, you make sense.

    c. 4-line vs 2-line rhyme - Ummm, i think this is personal. I am more comfortable

    finding 1 rhyming word than 3 :)

    Thanks for making me think.

    @ Mudassir Shah - Hey, thank you Mudassir ji. I'd say your wrong number tale was

    very entertaining.

    @ Srikanth - Thank you buddy. Am glad you kept it till the end.

    @ Manjunath - Thank you so much. And you know it too well I really love your

    posts. And yes, your vote makes me feel very good.

    @ Jam - Oho, tumse kya chupa hai. Thank you JJ.

    @ Maddie - Hey! Thank you hai ji.

    @ SIS - Thank you hai ji. Sachin ka toh apun bhi bada waala fan hai ji.

    @ Mag - oh, you are back :) I thought you stopped visiting. Glad to see you here.

    @ Cherry Blossom - Your good words mean much.. and you know it :)

    @ TF - Thanks buddy. Talking about Julia, that's a passing crush man. But your

    Bulgarian friend sounds very cool; huh. Your offer is nice..hehe.

    @ Pratibha - Your poem was better Pratibha ji, am so sure.

    @ Vikram - Yeah man. Your post was very nice. Keep it up man.

    @ m7 - nice commenting.

    @ Guria - Oh come on. Dont make me blush now. Thank you for your words ya.

    @ Aativas - Thanks much Savita.

    @ D2 - Oh, thank you so much ji.

    @ Amity - You guessed it... oh no! But you liked it, which is more important. :)

    @ Yamini - thank you Yamini.

    @ Tavish - You laughed? I like that. Your suggestion I take.. will keep in mind

    Tav. thank you for coming.

    @ Beyond Horizon - Thanks much buddy. Your post was great; really enjoyed it.

    @ Raksha - Congrats on BATOM Raksha. Your post was very nice. I was really happy

    to see your name there. And your vote for me was very precious. Thanks so much.

    You are very right about the justification of this plot in this way... and not a


    @ Vibhuti - You know, just like i did not understand your post... i am struggling

    with your comment now... grrrrr... :)

    @ Cherry - You deserve every bit of appreciation that comes your way. Trust me on


    Thank you for motivating me simultaneously.

    @ Sidra - Well well well! Isn't is so true that one's perception makes things

    prettier or uglier :)

    Looking at your point, you have clearly outthought me on the interpretation of

    this one.

    I am getting your theory... and it holds good considering the fact that we

    imagined a manequinn to file a case.. and so there was no harm taking it even

    further... however, there is one little flaw in it. If it had really been a

    female, the shopkeeper fraternity would not have given their testimony I feel. Do

    i make sense on it?

    If you ask me the perspective I wrote it with - I was blank. Completely blank. In

    fact, I was totally surprised when the post was termed humoros. That's because

    that was probably not on my mind. Maybe, my usual style is humor and so I ended

    making one.

    I really have no explanation as to what I intended out of this :) But thanks so

    much for your comment Sidra.

    Regarding your supposed vote on this post, I count it in and thank you big time


    I hope to read from you in the next round.

  27. Brilliant.....amazing....fantastic.....superb stuff.....

  28. thanks bro. early in the morning I am seeing your lovely comments. good start to the day.

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