Saturday, August 14, 2010

I hate you... CHARUUUUU!

Charu is a fucking piece of shit,
He knows cricket not one bit,
Still he blabbers with his zero wit,
I say feed him a candle after it's lit.

I don't want to see Charu on TV,
People please go and burn his CV,
And ask him to stay with his biwi,
And then we do haha hoho hehe.


  1. That's a lovely hate poem!!
    I thought Charu knew a lot of cricket! :D

  2. Haha.. thanks Shilpa.

    Dont know yaar - but I just cant stand him...and this other anti-India + Sanjay.

  3. I know Mr Manjrekar's history.. when he was at his peak, Sachin made an entry to the team.... then, as opener, Manjrekar would score 50 off 90 or 100 balls, and then Sachin would come down the order and hit a 35 or 40 balls fifty, sometimes even more, and that too with masterful strokes, rather than with slogging... and he did do it consistently... and worse thing happened in tests for Mr Manjrekar- Sachin proved technically better and yet a stroke player and even on fast wickets, so Mr Manjrekar lost it to Sachin... Sachin then went on to be the best, so Manjrekar should understand that... he still nurses that grudge against the Master....

    Poor little fellow.... You should pity him, Kshitij.. :)

    Charu and Mandira are brother and sisters- they dont know cricket.

    OK, enough of emotional burst... back to work now.... :)

  4. I also DIS-like Charu...

    All I would say about commentator Mr. Charu
    He should just sit home and fix his Daroo
    Whenever wifey tells, he should maaro Jharoo,
    In comparison to him, KK's cricet acumen is much more Pharoo!


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