Friday, January 22, 2010

Zehereela Chumban

Cokeela and Narcotesh were girlfriend boyfriend. Haha. That sounds very funny. But you know what I mean. Nevertheless, their story is not funny.

I take you back to 1998. The two met in college and felt for... oops, I'm sorry... the two met and fell for each other. Those were the days of love, flowers, gifts, CDs—very beautiful, just like the initial days always are. There was so much love between them. Skipping classes and taking them at movie halls was quite usual.

Like any other couple, they had their share of quarrel and banter. But, overall, things were pretty cool... of course, until one day.

That day, Narcotesh was caught smoking weed by the narcotics department of police. They took him into interrogation to find out where he'd got it from. Narcotesh, although revealed the source, was beaten black and blue. That was supposedly his penalty for the weed deed. The police released him soon after.

The wounds and bruises were heavy. Narcotesh got rushed in to a local clinic by his friend Charsam... who also informed Cokeela of the incident. Charsam asked her to come to the BB clinic.

An hour later, at the BB clinic, Cokeela saw her love resting in one of the rooms. There were wounds all over his body. Cokeela decided to stay till the evening while Charsam left for home.

She was so sad to see Narcotesh in the state he was... and managed a tear or two in the process. She could feel his pain. She even replicated a Hindi movie stunt so common in the situation—kissed him on the forehead and other bruised parts of his body... wishing him a speedy recovery.

The next moment there was a thud in the room... Cokeela had collapsed. You guys must be thinking it was the agony that she could not bear... or stuff like that... but that's not true.

Next to Narco's bed could be seen the bottle of medicine that had been applied on his bruised skin. This bottle clearly stated: Poisonous; Do not swallow!!!

That, she did! ...accidentally, while kissing him the Hindi movie style.


  1. Not a regular love story....

    Moral of the story: Don't be too bollywoodish(if there's a word like that)!!!;)


  2. Yeah... I get what you mean... this is indeed the theme...

    anyways, i can't get a good title to the post... suggestions anyone?

  3. Kissa Cokeela ke Pyaar ke Keemat ka...

    its got enough K's to make it bollywood or at least.. TV melodramatic..

  4. Hmm.... ... How does "Zehreela Chumban" sound?

  5. Extremely cheap + highly likeable... DONE DEAL.

  6. Yeah..this title suits this short n funny story much better. And although u already hv a "done deal" on this title...i hv one "ordinary" title in mind.."Maut Ka Kissss-aa" or something like "Kiss-terious Murder". But no doubt...the current one is ekdum apt.

  7. Hmmm... Mauth Ka Kiss-aaa is good. I would have loved to use it if not for presence of the Chumban title.

    But, good one Jam. I dont like the other one though.

  8. WTF!! There is no mention of my name in the credits!! This is blatant misappropriation of intellectual property..... ... Can someone get me to Chetan Bhagat's lawyer? I guess I can make millions by suing Kshitij.... whoa!!

  9. Arey... nahi.... aisa mat karna... just to gain publicity..haha

    I thought comments padhke clear ho jayega title kiska hai aur story kiski... anyways, in order to give you due credit, I have further edited the title. I am extremely sorry for infringement of the IPR.

  10. OK OK.... You win sir!!

    Please remove my name from the title....
    Anyway, it is only 4.329% of the overall concept... kya ho gaya.... meri to batti lag gayi...

  11. removed..

    but I did not understand your comment... yeh 4.329 kya hai?

  12. Buddy.. ...It seems that you did not follow Chetan-3 Idiots saga.... The producers claimed that Chetan's 'intellectual contribution' was 5% only, while Chetan claimed it to be 60-70%... :-)

    Forget the comment chains now... :-) Work on the next post please.... :-)

  13. Hahahehehoho. Sorry, I did not know. Yes; that's the end to this string :)

  14. Hey. Thank you bro. I needed your love for sure. by the way, I love the 'stone cold' catch line you got on your blog. Keep visiting pal.


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