Sunday, October 4, 2009

On Duty

I drive a Hyundai Verna. There is one particular tyre on my car that frustrates me the most. Reason—it keeps puncturing. The tyre has even maintained an average... 1 puncture per 2 months. Things were cool in September; however, it happened again a couple of days ago.

This time, I took it to a 'new' repair shop. This shop had been boycotted by me a year ago for another shop that was nearer to home. So, I reached the shop with a disgust on my face, disappointment in my heart, and a puncture in the same bloody tyre. I gave the tyre for repair and started surveying the scene around me.

Hey, what's that? I saw this structure; it was never there a year ago.

It looked like a public loo, but it was too small in size for that. Plus, there was no drainage system that I could see.

Anyway, I decided to ask one of the locals about this mini monument before I could take a look myself. This guy told me the structure was kind of a post for a policeman. It was built to accommodate a gunman on duty.

"Very interesting", I thought.

Although I had seen a lot of such posts in movies and at high-security places, I didn't know what they looked like from inside.

I started walking toward it. After all, there was no guard on duty... and it had to be the right moment to carry out some inspection.

What all could be inside?

-A chair?
-Some cement bags?
-Some place to keep guns... and even bullets?
-Water bottles?
-A small fan?
-An ash tray?

I must confess the post looked dirty from outside. The paan spits from paan spitters had not spared the post... just like the rest of the city.

Ok! So... I reached...
When I peeped inside, I could not believe how precise I had been in my guesswork.

I returned to the punctured tyre. That tyre, for that moment, seemed less irritating.


  1. :-D That is hilarious! Reminds me of a heritage/historical walk I'd been on in Old Delhi... the walk leader told us we'd be going to the tomb of Razia Sultan, the only medieval woman ruler of Delhi. I was imagining something really grand, but besides the fact that the tomb was just a simple stone grave, it had a huge goat sitting on top of it. Impressive.

  2. hmmm..a watchdog, even it is sleeping..


  3. what a doggie dog gone world we live in!!

  4. @ Dusted - I imagined your scene and it came out to be very Did the walk leader have anything to say about it? Or was it usual for him/her?

    @ Sean - Just like you my friend.

    @ Shilpa - Aji haan. Nazze mei sota hua kukkur.

    @ Naveen - too many similar safety around.

    @ Rishi - humans dogs too.

    @ Everyone - dhnayavaad, dhanya hai aap!

  5. Dear Dusht,
    That's an opportunity lost... :-( So much could have been written on this... :-(

    The post did amuse me; but the expectations (at least, mine) are high after the 'Button ka jeevan' magic, are pretty high... I rest my case.

  6. Hey Sudershan. I am sorry for the disappointment. I do agree with you :)

    Actually... it had been 20 days since I wrote here... and so I had to push one in to keep the train moving.

    I appreciate you vising and telling me what exactly you thought.

  7. there is an award waiting for u at my blog :)

  8. Haha! this is very very funny.

  9. Hey... I am glad you liked it Shell.

  10. Hey dude
    Really nice one, i like the build up you gave, really funny post.
    Well at least the dog found some use for the "security post"

  11. let the dog RIP..kahin ye dog police ka agent to nahi.. ;)

  12. @Harsha - Hey... good to see u man... i am waiting for your next 'crazy' post on the weird posts blog. I really liked it.

    @Krishna - Nahi yaar...yeh aivee hi bekaar ka kutta hai.

  13. I missed this What a posture for a lazy dog!

  14. No... you didn't miss it. I see you comment here...

    yes, indeed... a lazy dog...


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