Sunday, March 1, 2009


Kshitij Khurana... born in 1983... 12th November... scorpio!

And the pic is an old one... I am much fatter now!

This blog was born in July'09. It's meant to entertain till the time I don't understand my fix.

I love cricket. Test? T20? ODI? One-tip-one-hand? Bring anything and I will watch ball-by-ball. Be it India, Australia, Bhutan, Burma, Rampur, Raheja Colony...

Anyone who discusses cricket matches with me is my best friend. Oh, I should mention... these guys can take me for granted all their life... or lives (am unsure) - Yuvraj Singh, Mitchel Johnson, Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Shane Warne, Brett Lee and Viru Sehwag. These are the 'fixed' favorites. I even have a position for 'floating' favorite. Currently, it is set to Sean Marsh... and was previously held by Greame Swann.

Next hobby... I create word documents for every fu##### thing. I don't know what's wrong with me... but I thoroughly enjoy doing it.

Additionally, I enjoy sudoku and other puzzles... anything that challenges the mind. Am in love with computer games. I like to talk... experiment... try new things... confuse people... joke around... preach what I never follow... crib and when the other person joins me, get him/her out of that cribbing... and so on.

I love to help people...

I put ellipses (...) in my write-ups.

I am a hardcore extremist. I do not believe in in-betweens. It's like all or nothing.

I am extremely inconsistent on my thought process. What comes out of my mouth is not what my brain has been conditioned to... but what I feel on that minute and at that hour.

I'd like to get superpowers... there's enough that needs to happen in my country. Oh my... did I mention? I love my country.

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