Sunday, August 5, 2012

Don't Care

That Christmas eve, nine years old, 
Thousands were killed; they weren't even told.

And today...

A massive earthquake has jolted the earth,
And massive waves have been given a birth,

The coastal areas have been sounded a warning,
They should expect a Tsunami by tomorrow morning,

Yes! Tsunami! The killer waves,
And when they strike, only God saves,

Well, the giant waves are expected soon,
God knows what this place looks like, tomorrow noon,

It's sunset time, and the coast is empty,

The people are gone, in heaps and plenty,

But... Hey! Wait a minute!

Some people are walking toward the beach,
All warnings and dangers, they intend to breach,

They must go back, it's not at all safe now,
Against the nature's might, they must learn to bow,

I shout at them, 'are you all mad?'
Go away right now, or the consequences will be sad,

An elder from the group, shouts back at me,
'Son! This is exactly where we want to be,'

'This may be the last sunset, this beach gets to see,'
'And now that we are here, so do we...'
This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 30. The title for the edition was the image. The post fetched me 4 votes (many more than I expected). To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.


  1. I liked the old mans retort.good one

    ATB for BAT

  2. one has to respect the nature...but the old mans way is sometimes the only way

    best wishes for BAT

  3. Nice one, in spite of all that arrogance the nature shows, we love the beach - sad!

    Cheers! Stop by the Butterfly Brooch - Kappu

    1. Kappu - I'm inspired by the way you leave your signature behind, very tempting, I might start doing that myself!

  4. No one can win against the force of nature. I wonder when mankind will realize its true power. Well scripted. ATB for BAT!

  5. Straight and simple.. beautiful Kshitij.. the ending sort of surprised me.. I thought you would end it something with ghosts perhaps. ;) But hey, the unexpected is good.

    All the best for Blog-a-Ton.

    Leo - My Blog-a-Ton Story

  6. hmhm.... interesting one. :)

  7. Lovely!! I loved this poem! This is my fave nature poem from now on :)

  8. thats the attraction of the sunset n beach!loved it

  9. Lovely lines...the concluding lines give a nice twist!

  10. heya!
    this is lovely stuff! ..wanna tell you ..even I am not equipped to judge your poetic skills , and I liked what I read!
    guess we are in the same soup!! kidding! :D
    but this was really lovely!

  11. I loved the rhyming in your poem! Intelligent use of words, Good luck!

  12. Awesome rhyming words and meaningful. good luck for BAT :)

  13. Very nice. Liked the last stanza the most!

  14. Amazing - a poem and a serious philosophical one from you ! You are indeed proving to be versatile.

  15. Oh! The memories of Tsunami. But the old man is right ...

  16. That's a beautiful and touching composition! :)
    all the best!

  17. Very beautiful and touching take Kshijit.. (Tsunami.. ) Keep writing.. All the best..

    Someone is Special

  18. This was probably the only post written by me where I had no idea how to end. The ending of the post was a last-minute hush hush job... probably leaving it to the learners to find their own meaning.

    @Menachery - Thanks.. it's your first visit.

    @Karan - thanks buddy... more for your vote :)

    @ Kappu - that's a good way of looking at it. Did not think that way.

    @Deepa - yes, correct, we can't win against the nature.

    @ Leo - thank v much my friend. and congratulations on the win. You have a knack, eh!!

    @ Mutthu - thanks. I liked your post a lot.

    @ Scorpio - Fav poem?? You have no taste then. Trust me :)

    @ Thanks manasa - your views match with Kappu.

    @ Panchali - Glad you liked it.

    @ Clouds - different... yes, a little. We had many poems this time around.

    @ Ashezz - You are the philo poet. I am a simple cat-bat rhyming poet. No same soup. :)

    @ Srikanth - Thanks v much my friend.

    @ Neha - rhyming is all I did in this poem :)

    @ Resh - Good to see you here. And you liked it... thanku thanku.

    @TF - No man, versatile - never! You should have guessed by now am just rhyming stuff up. :)

    @ Aativas - yes, v bad memories.

    @ Simran - thanks. And a double thanks for your vote :)

    @ SIS - thank u. Thank you for hosting the BAT :)

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